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Revelation Solar Panel Cleaning
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Carport Solar Panel Cleaning
In the photo to the left our fully insured and certified aerial lift operators double as solar panel cleaners.  Our professional solar panel cleaning team safely maneuvers around these solar panels located in a hospital parking lot in the City of Los Angeles.

The dirt and debris is pressure washed off the pv panels with Deionized water to avoid water spotting.  Pressure washing solar panels requires that we use the correct amount of pressure at the correct distance and correct angle in order to not damage the panels and yet clean and rinse them efficiently.  

Meanwhile on the ground our team has the traffic safety under control with delineators, caution tape, and signs.   Large solar panel cleaning projects are our specialty.  Call now for a free estimate 951-777-0285.
Los Angeles - Revelation Solar Panel Cleaning tackles large carport solar panel cleaning project in single day.   (Approximately 4,500 panels)